Thought-provoking paper on corporate CSR brand resilience presented at the 19th ICIG symposium 2016

Speaking to the general theme of the 19th ICIG symposium Dr Christine Vallaster (FH Salzburg, MRM) presented the paper „Corporate CSR brands and Resilience: Implications from an Entrepreneurial Perspective” in which she explored the conditions for resilience of social entrepreneurship as one possible answer to the various challenges that organisations and societies face in the changing economic, social, cultural and ecological landscape of the early 21st century.

Social entrepreneurs develop new hybrid business models with which they seek to reconcile financial viability and instrumental interests with social and ecological concerns based on a focus on long-term viability and sustainable flourishing rather than short-termism and unlimited growth.

These new forms of organising for a ‘post-growth’ economy and in light of existential threats to our eco-system and the social cohesion of human societies was one of the many interesting themes explored during the 19th ICIG symposium 2016. These emerging trends and developments pose pressing and urgent questions for corporate marketing, corporate identity and identification, corporate branding and corporate communication academics and practitioners alike.