Wednesday, 19th September 2012


Welcome to Aarhus: Presentation of programme and organisers - Trine S. Johansen & Anne Ellerup Nielsen

Session 1: Current issues - Chair: John M.T. Balmer


Corporate auditory identity management (CAlM): Domain specification and scale development - Roland Bartholme & T.C. Melewar


The five societal challenges for companies in a multi­stakeholder environment: Explicating the conceptual and pragmatic rationale for corporate marketing - Mario Burghausen & John M.T. Balmer


CSR communication out of the box: Exploring how CSR communication is a process of meaning development - Laura Illia, Stefania Romenti & Belen Rodriquez



Thursday, 20th September 2012

Session 2: Constructing identity - Chair: Anne Ellerup Nielsen


On the discursive construction of identity: The double edged sword of identity management in an annual report - Marianne Grove Ditlevsen & Peter Kastbe


Organizational identity in the context of the new media environment: One size does not fit all - Cynthia Stohl


Co-constructing corporate identity in the mist of stakeholder complexity - Anne Ellerup Nielsen & Trine S. Johansen



Session 3: Identity, image and connectivity - Chair: T.C. Melewar


Corporate image formation in virtual communities: An exploratory study - Christine Hallier & T.C. Melewar


Corporate Identity 2.0: Revealing the 'six degrees of disconnection' and removing the 'I' from the identity of the network organization - Evangelia Kesopoulou


Managing corporate reputation in a global context - Astrid Gade Nielsen, VP Corporate Communication Arla Foods



Session 4: Country as branding and reputation context - Chair: Nicola Kleyn


Developing a global Danish brand: Practical experiences from Grundfos - Kim Klastrup, Executive Director Corporate Branding Grundfos Management A/S


Corporate brands in China: A review - John M.T. Balmer & Weifeng Chen


Managing corporate reputation in a country context: Findings from South African industrial buyers - Nicola Kleyn & Diana Tshivhase



Session 5: Troubled Organisations - Chair: Helen Stuart

Branding a non-profit organization: A thankless task? - Helen Stuart



Corporate reputation in a firm selling potentially harmful products in South Africa - Daysen Govender & Russell Abratt


Improving the legitimacy of start-ups in controversial industries though shared value: A corporate brand identity perspective - Christine Vallaster & Bernhard Bechtold


DINNER at "Svineriet" Aarhus

Friday, 21st September 2012

Session 6: Brands, brand identity and identification - Chair: Shaun M. Powell


Reqional cluster identities in corporate communications: How and why firms adopt different patterns of collective and orqanizational identity inteqration - Alessandra Zamparini & Francesco Lurati


International students' identification with middle ranking business school corporate brands - Rudaina Mahmoud, John M.T. Balmer & Weifeng Chen


The impact of the corporate brand on consumer uptake of weIlness health services within the context of government, non­profit and private entities - Shaun M. Powell & Nadia Zainuddin


Closing remarks